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Testimonial from Henrik Langer, CEO/Co-founder Instruments of Things

Steph accompanied us as our mentor during the three-month International Programme at Plug and Play in Silicon Valley. During that time she gave us enormous support in improving our business strategy, marketing activities and customer communication. Her management experience helped us to focus on important key factors while keeping and developing our own vision to create new kinds of virtuosity, individuality and expression in the media-tech industry.

Her openness, enthusiasm, charisma, and perfect wording heavily increased and influenced our long- term communication efforts. But Steph is not only an expert in communicating experiences and emotions, she also gave us individual consultation in financial, sales and project management.

With her help we were able to highlight the true benefits of our product for everyone. Even now, after we graduated from the program we remain in regular contact with Steph, keep her up to date about our progress and can always rely on her immediate support.



Testimonial from Paolo Pedrazzi, CEO and Founder Younifeed – Unified commerce marketplace

Making a startup is an impossible mission, everyone wants to have their say and teach you something, even when they don’t have the background and skills. Few people impress you so much that you say “Wow, I found a teacher.” The most difficult thing in a life is to find teachers, people who know how to play the charge and give you value. And Stephanie Jacobs is one of these people!