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SEJ Media Solutions

No startup wants to make the leap and then stall. The gap between insight and success is huge.

SEJ Media Solutions can help you achieve that magic point: where product, market, and your company all come together.

But getting the alignment right is challenging; the odds are against you.

After mentoring dozens of companies, SEJ Media Solutions can help you reach your goals:

  • Focusing on your critical, unique product or service
  • Communicating those advantages
  • Launch, Go To Market and Growth strategies
  • Branding, Marketing, and PR campaigns
  • Business and strategic relationships

Accelerating innovation and helping companies deliver leading edge products and services is the mission of SEJ Media Solutions, a consultancy founded by Stephanie Jacobs which capitalizes on her years of success in the worlds of content, technology, and business.

Whether it is mentoring, product and business plan development, or aligning the executive team, SEJ Media Solutions brings genuine insight, customer focus, and innovative solutions.