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SEJ Media Solutions focuses on key differentiators in helping clients develop products and services.  Our philosophy: even with the most complex product, simplicity is critical. So rather than emulating the scores of ‘how-to’ manuals and dozens of ‘how-I-did-it’ books, SEJ Media Solutions emphasizes practical questions that gauge a product’s impact and its ability to deliver a superior customer experience.  Here are two current favorites:

Does your product pass the ‘peanut butter sandwich’ test?

  • Is it a natural?
  • Is your product as easy to use?
  • Does it scale?
  • Does it produce immense smiles and sounds of outright satisfaction?

Where does your product sit on the PBJ in the school lunchroom enthusiasm index?

  • Is adoption organic?
  • Are customers willing to ditch legacy products in order to adopt yours?
  • Does adoption double, triple, quadruple overnight?
  • Do customers become enthusiastic advocates in addition to repeat consumers?

SEJ Media Solutions helps clients answer these questions and the myriads of others to bring clarity to the process and foster the critical execution skills essential for a new enterprise.